US Congress Arms Transfer Approvals

An IDC Analysis


New Delhi, 25 August 2005  

The attached pdf file spells out how US Congress approves transfers of ships and equipment on grant and payment terms.

The Indian Navy is due to inspect the USS Trenton and now Indian Express has also come up with the story. It is critical to the extent that it depricates the Indian Navy for looking at old US Ships.

The writer is not well informed. A US Navy ship is well kept and its age has nothing to do with its condition for the Indian Navy, which has had an excellent record of operationally exploiting second hand ships. Starting with INS Delhi, Mysore, Vikrant and Viraat still in commission the list can go on.

What is important is to look at the condition and the capability and its cost effectiveness. Building a new ship of this type may cost us hundreds of crores of rupees. What has to be remembered is that we have no ship of this type to command and control landing operations and getting one cheap from the US will be to our advantage. The Indian Navy is doing just that and the USS Trenton will be a boon for the Indian Navy. We whole-heartedly support the move.

While commending media persons for keeping the public informed, our opinion is that they should take the trouble to probe deep into the nuances of the case, rather than echo what they may have heard from a naval officer friend!

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