Goa Shipyard Contract for Raytheon Marine

An IDC Report


New Delhi, 26 June 2005

India will have to look to firms abroad for modernisation of Naval and Coast guard ships and in this context the Indian defence shipyards will have to be given more authority/autunomy to order equipment and the powers of the MOD, NHQ and CGHQ have to be appropriately redefined/curtailed. We learn that Raytheon Marine, one of the leading manufacturers of Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) and nautical equipment, such as gyro compasses, autopilots, steering control systems, radars, electronic sea charts, data management and communication systems had been awarded a contract from Goa Shipyard for the Coast Guard. We also learnt that Calzoni the Italian subsidary of Korlmorgan the suppliers of periscopes for the Indian Navy submarines, now manufacture masts in Italy, had secured GRSE and MDL contracts for supply of steering gear for the LSTs (INS KESARI recently launched at GRSE and Type 17). This is all good news.

Raytheon partnered by Noris, Germany had been awarded the order for supply of an Integrated Navigation and Machinery Control System (IBS/IMCS) by Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL). The system will be installed on the first of two Fast Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessels (FAOPVs) for the Indian Coastguard. The 105 m and 2250 ton FAOPV is the first vessel of its class, which will be built by GSL and will the biggest vessel for the Indian Coastguard. The scope of supply comprises, an Integrated Navigation and Machinery Control System operated from a series of Multi-function Consoles together with a Fire Detection System, GMDSS Radio system as well as a redundant Ethernet network. With this contract, Raytheon succeeded in winning an order for a comprehensive system for navigation and machinery control against keen competition from CAE, Kongsberg and DCN. At Raytheon Marine, management and staff take pride in associating with Goa Shipyard and Indian Coastguard for this state-of-the-art system. Goa Shipyard, is likely to get an order for another repeat vessel from Indian Coastguard and likewise will order a repeat system of IBS/IMCS on Raytheon Marine.

A subsidiary of Raytheon Company, Raytheon Marine is a global technology leader, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of navigation and communication systems for naval and merchant ships, fishing vessels and small ships. With its plant in Kiel, Germany, Raytheon Marine employs more than 500 personnel, and with more than 200 sales and service stations supports approx. 20,000 ships world-wide.

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