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New Delhi, 04 January 2004

Pakistan's PNS Babur (182) with India's INS Delhi in the 
background at Langkawi during LIMA 03

Another New Year dawns as we focus on India's three major problems --- Poverty, Pakistan and Corruption and hope they will see better days in 2004. All signals now point towards India as a significant and responsible nation, but India needs stability in the region and not to get rattled by Pakistan.

As India's PM Atal Behari Vajpayee travels to Pakistan on 4th January for the SAARC Summit in the New Year, we highlight some pictures of Pakistan as a gesture of goodwill –– to show how alike we are. We hope that the recent peace on the LOC between these two estranged friends continues to last so that both armies can have a respite and build trust. This is what the leaders are asking for. We also hope the ceasefire holds and senior defence officers of both countries can meet and appreciate each other concerns.

We just hope Pakistan sees the light to reduce cross border terrorism, as benefiting them too. The combined strengths of India and Pakistan as friends and not foes, can add much to both countries' well being.

PM Vajpayee is looking for a breakthrough and if President Musharraf can handle his difficult job well and show he is sincere, we are sure our wise 80-year-old PM will hold his hand. It is up to the integrity and courage of Musharraf to show what he is willing to do towards confidence building and rapprochement. Relying on the Agra Summit inputs we are confident Vajpayee is willing to go several steps further.


385 is the Mushak built in Pakistan and used in the Baluchistan area. It is armed with  rockets and guns for strafing.

812 is Pakistan's IJT, the Karakoram 8 with a Honeywell engine and built in collaboration with Chinese CATIC and is about equal to India's Kiran in performance.

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