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New Delhi, 07 September 2005

This analysis comes from New York and any Indian serviceman will feel sorry for America 末  the richest country in the world and how pathetically the Government and the Military responded to the terrible flooding in New Orleans, after hurricane Katrina hit and level canals broke down. Half a million people became homeless. Before feathers get ruffled some explanations are offered.

The city of New Orleans was at sea level when the French built it 末 that part known as the French quarter was spared by Katrina. Later the Americans went ahead and built up the city which is now a few feet below seal level, and falling by one inch per year. The Islands off New Orleans have corroded. This year the terrible Hurricane Katrina, the worst in 100 years, hit New Orleans when USA was getting ready for the Labour Day weekend and President Bush was holidaying at his ranch in Crawford. He had just come back from San Diego Naval Base and given a cleverly brilliant speech comparing the war in Iraq with the Second World War and himself to Franklin D Roosevelt to take America to the great heights like FDR did.

Those who have not read the Second World War 末 most Americans in central and mid west 末 who support and vote for Bush blindly (as he uses religion and conservative actions to please them) have little clue of the world outside 末 enjoyed his impassioned speech that Iraq will be made a democracy. It was cleverly crafted, as oil prices are hurting Americans who unlike us Indians have no railroad to talk about and live by gasoline alone. The New York Times which is anti Bush tore his speech apart in an editorial. In such an atmosphere in Washington DC, the whole Government is fully engaged in the Iraq war and the military extended and nervous and all thoughts are focused on terrorism and making money. Such is the state of USA and Bush is all powerful as unless he is impeached he plans to  enjoy his Presidency till 2008. In comparison India can feel proud of its Armed Forces.

Hence when Katrina's gale force winds and rain flooded New Orleans with the sea moving in worse than Mumbai痴 recent experience, the local police gave up when the poor began looting.

The rules in USA are such that no one knew how to call for what in India we know happens immediately 末 CALL THE MILITARY TO AID CIVIL POWER and the Armed Forces are duty bound to respond. The local Magistrate signs the request and takes charge and responsibility. The costs are sorted out later but all systems are Go. The TSUNAMI was a an example when the CNS Admiral Arun Prakash hearing of the damage in Andamans on that Sunday cried off and left a mid morning social function in Gurgaon. He  had already sent orders  to the War Room and a message to ships to report as soon as ready to sail with emergency kits, doctors etc. for the then suspected earthquake. We wrote extensively about the wonderful response and the Army and Air Force have equal stories to tell.

In USA it took 48 hours for action, waiting for the President to act. He cut short his holiday and flew to DC via New Orleans and took charge. The Army moved in and 300 helicopters supported by USS IWO JIMA an LPD 末 like the USS Trenton which Indian Navy inspected 末 began rescuing people and still some 1500 are feared dead/missing. Now Bush is  giving $ 40b but the message is 末 money alone cannot help nations in the coming age. Money cannot solve Iraq for USA and President Bush is going to head an investigation on Katrina himself, another blunder by Indian standards.

One can see in USA there is no hunger to excel anymore but just make millions with less work and more technology and financial jugglery at all levels. In China and India the young have hunger to do better and if the Government can offer better infrastructure and get out of hotels, airlines and liquior distribution and such things there is a great future ahead. There are lessons from Katrina and now the IAF is flying in to help. Other countries are giving help and Sri Lanka is giving $250,000, Afghanistan has offered $100 million and India has offered $5 million. Katrina is going to be a thorn in USA's present actions and governance.

A news Item from NYT and press release are attached.


(Couldnt' stop making this comparison.)

New Orleans


Inches of rain due to hurricane Katrina 末18

Inches of rain (July 27th) 末 37.1

Population  末 484,674

Population  末 12,622,500

Deaths within 48 hours of Katrina 末 100

Deaths within 48 hours of rain 末 37

Number of people to be evacuated  末 entire city 

Number of people evacuated  末 10,000

Cases of shooting and violence  末 Countless

Cases of shooting and violence  末 NONE

Time taken for US army to reach new Orleans 末 48 hours

Time taken for Indian army and navy to reach Mumbai 末 12 hours

Status 48 hours later 末 New Orleans is still waiting for relief, army and electricty

Status 48 hours later 末 Mumbai is back on its feet and its business as usual

USA. 末 world's most developed nation

India. 末 Third world country

Oops, did i get the last fact wrong???


An IL-76 aircraft of Indian Air Force would be carrying relief supplies to New Orleans, USA which has been badly affected by the Hurricane Katriana. The IAF IL-76 is expected to depart from Palam IAF base on 07 Sep 05 in the morning hours. The aircraft would be carrying 25 tonnes relief material to New Orleans, USA. The planned arrival of the relief material in USA is on 09 Sep 05. The IAF IL-76 would be routing via Doha, Cairo, Lisbon and Boston, for New Orleans. This would be the first supply mission from India for the Katrina affected parts of US. HQ IDS is the co-coordinating agency for the mission under the auspices of MoD and MEA. The 25 tonnes relief supplies comprises 50,000 first aid kits, small tarps, blankets, 25,000 cots and pillows, 5,00,000 packed rations etc. Gp Capt R Sharma, CO of 44 Sqn IAF would be the Captain of the Mission.

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