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New Delhi, 29 July 2005

The Muslims even if they are British, created havoc in a civilized nation like UK and the end does not seem near. Then there is the case of Egypt and we all know terror has upped in Kashmir. Going back in time we have always said that Samuel Huntington from Harvard had a pointer to the future but as it involved religion no one today wants to use the Muslim card or word (the largest religion in the world!) but we all know it exists and like the Michelin Man will not go away–– certainly not in a hurry. The analogy is when you pump the Michelin man at one point it bulges at another and that is happening with Muslim terrorism –– the harder Bush gets with his actions the worse the clash of civilizations. These were trying times for India but are trying times for white peoples militaries and their stooges (Business Companies) in Muslim Middle East, especially Christians who have got together in various capacities for various interests in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Pakistan and Israel, to quell the mainly Muslim uprisings and aspirations (even for nuclear technology as in Iran) calling them enemies like Al Qaeda, Hizbul, Hamas or Jamiati.

Even the elusive Osama Bin Laden like India’s Veerrapan cannot be caught. Now he wants Europe to forsake America and he will leave them alone. He is trying to divide the White world and is following Sun Tzu’s tactics. Muslims are out to take on the Americans on their own religious terms with dirty tricks and kidnappings. A scan of news round the world sometime back in this vein, finds that the beginning of the Clash of Civilisations is ongoing . The West led by USA is fighting the Muslim Jehadis with great vigour, and less brain. The British in Iraq years ago used Sunnis to do their bidding but USA is exacerbating the fire by trying to get the Sunnis and Shias to work together. Samuel Huntington had a point and could not predict completely how the clash would take place but the West has used the Middle East (USA used Iran and Iraq in better days and got into Saudi Arabia later) while UK used Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and smaller oil rich Sheikhs to get rich and now do not know how to continue the domination and exploitation.There is a clash of ideas too and the clash of civilizations has begun., on 16 April 2004

Reports that 600 Canadian troops that are being sent to Afghanistan in August will not be there as part of a combat mission as per Colonel Tim Grant. The troops will be there to help the NATO-led force secure Kabul. "We expect to take over the mission that the reconnaissance squadron has at the present time, that is, to provide reconnaissance and surveillance support to the Kabul multinational brigade," Colonel Grant said. This in other words is to hunt down the Taliban who are avowed Muslims out to see the back of the white people in Afghanistan. It is heartening that Indian companies are building roads and Indians so far are not harmed.

China Daily on 16 April 2004

Presented an interesting report of how American companies saved themselves from Muslim wrath in the Philippines. A former US mining executive revealed that his former employer, Echo Bay, regularly paid the Abu Sayyaf Group protection money in order to ensure security for its gold mining operations. The Department of Justice is now investigating the company and the claims that Echo Bay provided the terror group with arms, medical treatment and access to the company's guest house, which was used to hide internationally wanted terrorists. The whistleblower has supported his accusations with many detailed documents and receipts that reveal the interaction between the two entities. Echo Bay has since been taken over by Kinross Gold Corporation, which claims that it was unaware of the accusations against Echo Bay.

BBC News in 2004

General Richard Myers who was in Afghanistan as Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff hinted that the US may cut its troop numbers in Afghanistan after the country holds its September elections. "We've ramped up our presence here a little bit, anticipating and trying to ensure that we have no more violence as we head towards elections. So we're a little stronger than we have been. That does ebb and flow. It's quite likely we could go back down to lower numbers," he said during a visit to Kabul on Friday. However the situation is far from under control.

Chicago Tribune, 2004

The Americans are just outside Fallujah and are set to take on the militants in that Holy city and India knows what happened after Indian troops under Gen K Sundarji invaded the Golden Temple in Amritsar in OP Blue Star. The Sikhs rose and even an unheard of thing happened. An Indian Army Sikh regiment revolted and later her own trusted Sikh bodyguards gunned down Mrs Indira Gandhi. Now British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has his hands full and so has UN Secretary General Annan. British media reports throughout the week suggest that Blair's political clout is on the wane.

BBC News, 2004

The train bombings in Madrid was a good example of the clash of Muslims against the Christians for assisting USA in Iraq. All the arrested individuals were Muslims.

BBC News. Here is another example from far away Hungary. Hungarian security officials detained three men, one Palestinian and two Syrians, believed to be involved in a plot to bomb a Holocaust Museum in Budapest. Israeli President, Moshe Katav visited Hungary this week to inaugurate the new museum, but Hungarian officials deny that the plot was timed to assassinate the President.

Age, 17 April 2004

In Saudi Arabia the US are a worried lot. Washington has ordered the evacuation of most its diplomatic corps and their families from Saudi Arabia citing specific and credible information regarding planned attacks against Western targets. The information was reportedly revealed during the interrogation of two suspects who were arrested in Saudi Arabia earlier this week. The evacuation is expected to affect 200 people.

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