CAG’s Indictment of Sukhoi Acquisition Programme

As per a PTI report published in Business Standard of 18 May, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) in his eighth report to the Indian Government has pointed out many shortcomings in the electronic warfare and weapon delivery system of the just acquired Su-30K fighter aircraft from Russia, as also the delay in the delivery of the upgraded version.

The CAG’s adverse comments are: 

1. The electronic warfare system of the delivered aircraft is unsuitable to meet the Indian threat environment and radar performance is below expectation. 

2. The navigation system lacked accuracy and had limited capability for accurate weapon delivery and weapon systems controls were poorly integrated. 

3. Although the aircraft carries large weapon pay-load, the air-to-ground armaments did not include any precision guided ammunitions which had been key requirment in Kargil operations.

4. The aircraft on account of its large size and almost 5000 km range could find it difficult to survive against modern air defence system unless its avionics, radar and electronic warfare systems were upgraded and well integrated. 

5. The induction of the upgraded machine (SU-30MK) is heavily behind schedule and none of the 14 partially upgraded aircraft which were to be delivered upto Dec 99 has reached the Indian Airforce mainly due to setback in identification, development and import of avionic sub-systems.

6. The uncertain route adopted for joint development has not only proved delay-prone but also rendered the entire upgradation of these aircraft within the country, significantly complex in terms of technology and management.


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