There is no doubt in Defence Consultants mind that all UN Military Operations have a competitive spirit to ensure the participating nations get credits. In todays age when information and pictures travel at the speed of light credits can be obtained by the media exposing and reporting the good work done and in this matter the Indian General Vijay Kumar Jetley is handling a tricky situation well. With as many as 300 UN peace keepers held hostage by the RUF rebels his military and negotiating skills are on test.

But there is good news - their leader Foday Sankoh has been nabbed by the Sierra Leone Armed Forces.

Since BBC has been on hand in Freetown, the credits keep going to the British, which of course is deserved but then the Indians and other troops are also doing their bit. India has learnt its lessons of media war through Kargil. Doordarshan, though not the best of Media projectors has to spend some time, money and efforts to get and air reportage from Sierra Leone. Indian Armed Forces and the MEA have to go all out to support its UN Commnader whole heartedly and professionally .

India's reputation is at stake and the tide has turned to advantage. We must make the best of it and make the UN mission a success. (See also Sierra Leone under Previous Stories)


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