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New Delhi, 20 Sep 2015

Putting together all that has been said and written about One Rank One Pension (OROP) one may easily gauge the extreme frustration of the fauji veterans and the utter callousness of the Government in dealing with the issue. The latest stab in the back was the announcement of so called OROP by the RM on 5th September, 2015. It introduced several anomalies and red herrings which have completely over turned the accepted definition of OROP on its head. In their haste to make an announcement it announced a hotch potch of measures which was certainly not OROP. The veterans rightly rejected it outright.

As opined by the veterans the seven serious shortcomings in the implementation of OROP as announced by the RM on 05 Sep 2015 are as under:-

·       Instead of equalizing the pensions every year as required as per the approved definition, the Govt has announced equalization after 5 years.  This would totally defeat the definition of OROP.  Large number of senior defence personnel will start drawing less pension than juniors.  This would result in One Rank Five Pensions and not One Rank One Pension. This is not acceptable. Veterans have software to overcome the administrative problems being quoted by the government.

·       The Govt plans to order a one man commission to decide on the periodicity of the equalization of pension and other anomalies and has given six months time to the commission.  The purpose of such a committee is not understood particularly since all issues have been resolved as stated by you after the last time the file was sent to finance ministry. This is grossly unfair and not acceptable.  If committee is to be ordered, it must consist of five members: - three from ex-servicemen, one serving defence personnel and one from MoD.  Such committee should be given only one month period to submit its report and within 15 days thereafter it must be processed and final decision implemented.

·       During our discussions with the Personal Secretary to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, base year 2013 – 2014 was accepted, that means as on 31 Mar 2014.  However, in the Note issued by the Defence Minister, calendar year 2013 has been mentioned, that too the average of the calendar year.  This is not acceptable. 

·       The Govt plans to give arrears wef 01 Jul 2014 instead of 01 Apr 2014 The Govt has deprived the veterans three months of arrears. Once a Welfare Scheme has been sanctioned by the Govt, why is it being diluted to the disadvantage of defence veterans? Further if the date is changed to 01 Jul 2014 then the financial year must also change to 2014-2015.

·       It was agreed by RM to grant highest of scale of rank and years the service.  The Govt intention to grant average of the pay scale will greatly reduce the pensions.  JCOs, ORs and widows will get hardly any increase in pension. 

·       OROP is a concept which is to be executed in perpetuity. This was also agreed that the implementation of OROP is independent of Central Pay Commission (CPC).  It is pertinent to mention that Pay Commission award must integrate the OROP and should not adjudicate on it.

Several writings have appeared in the media and were sent to us which we have put together to inform everyone who cares regarding the state of affairs, which we append below to highlight how a simple solution has unnecessarily got complicated by the vacillations of the government. These are given below which I hope will put the entire issue in the correct perspective:

1.     Definition - One Rank, one Pension (OROP), or same pension, for same rank and for the same length of service, irrespective of the date of retirement, was the basis for determining the pension and benefits of Indian Armed Forces till 1973. An all party ten member Parliamentary Panel, known as the Koshyari Committee after its Chairman, examined the issue of grant of OROP to Armed Forces Personnel and submitted its report on 19 December 2011. The Koshyari Committee unanimously found merit in OROP and strongly recommended that, "Government should implement OROP in the defence forces across the board at the earliest and further that for future, the pay, allowances, pension, family pension, etc in respect of the defence personnel should be determined by a separate commission so that their peculiar terms" are properly taken into account. The Koshyari Committee blamed bureaucratic resistance and apathy for the failure to implement OROP.


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