Two Significant Messages for India and the World


In the wake of Indian Presidentís visit to China and the Russian Vice-Premier Ilya Klebanovís visit to India, two significant messages have been given by China and Russia respectively. A senior Chinese foreign ministry official has said that the development and improvement of Sino-Indian relations will not have any adverse impact on their friendly relations and mutual co-operation with Pakistan.

China and Pakistan enjoy a traditional friendship and their policy is to further consolidate and develop it. China has been supplying sophisticated military hardware including missiles and nuclear bomb related technology to Pakistan. Pakistan had also given away a large portion of territory of northern Kashmir to China. The Chinese have also been cool to Indiaís claim for a seat in the enlarged UN Security Council. Thus Sino-Indian relations in the near future may continue to have only a thin veneer of cordiality and friendliness.

In contrast, the Russian Vice-premier has ruled out the possibility of any kind of military relationship with Pakistan and named India as their strategic partner. It is after a long time that a senior Russian official has emphasised the strategic partnership with India so strongly.


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