India's World: Foreign Policy and Security Issues

By Mohan Guruswamy

An IDC Report


New Delhi, 15 April 2006

A new book by one of our ardent subscribers presents a pungent analysis of our great country. Mohan Guruswamy was an adviser to the Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha in the erstwhile BJP Government. Sinha, a former ambitious IAS officer from Bihar, is said to have quoted to his Minister, "I can become a Minister, but Sir you cannot become an IAS civil servant". He proved it by joining the BJP and did fairly well as Finance Minister and to be fair India's economic rise was helped by the BJP's policies and Mohan was a part of it. However this Harvard educated son of an Army officer fell out when he did not agree with some partialities of the BJP Government. He left on principle we presume as these issues in India never surface in turf battles. Minister Yashwant Sinha has kin in USA in the investment world and so he knew and appreciated policies to attract money –– as one of the mandates he had was to attract FDI.

Mohan presents great insights into India's security and we look forward to review his book. He heads the Centre For Policy Alternatives and on13 and 14th April conducted a seminar on ‘Emerging Trends In Sino–Indian Relations’ at The Habitat Center New Delhi. We congratulate him and wish him all success.


India's World: Essays on Foreign Policy and Security Issues


Mohan Guruswamy


Hope India Publications








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About the Book/Author

India’s World is a collection of news-paper columns and essays on India’s immediate foreign policy and security concerns written between 1999 and 2005. Each of these essays is a carefully researched and in-depth look at a critical issue. As the author says in the preface, India’s world is a very small place, but the problems nevertheless are thorny and many. Above all, they are not going to go away soon or easily. We ignore them either because they are nettlesome or because we forget history and often it is a bit of both, quite often we pay a heavy price. This book is also about how often and how much that price is.

Mohan Guruswamy had his under-graduate education at Nizam College, Hyderabad. His postgraduate education spanned Public Policy, International Affairs and Management. He is an alumnus of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; and the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. With an interesting career path that included teaching, senior management, journalism and a stint in government as the Advisor to the Finance Minister with the rank of Secretary to the Government of India, he now heads the Centre for Policy Alternatives, New Delhi.




Section One: Foreign Policy

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, etc.

1. Still The Great Game!

2. The Pakistani Nuclear Bombast!

3. Are Interesting Times Ahead?

4. Hard Times At A Hard Place

5. Scratched Across Pashtun Hearts!

6. Fight-Fight Now. Talk-Talk Later!

7. Self-Determination For Baluchistan?

8. he Papier-Mâché Purush!

9. Abdul Shutter And Sushma Chatter!

10. India And Pakistan : The Twain Shall Never Meet?

11. The Opiate Of The Masses?

12. Pundit Slumbers And Sardar Dithers!

13. No New Ideas

China And Russia/USSR

14. The Se La Debacle

15. China Watching From The Himalayas

16. Shadow Over Indo-Russian Ties?

17.T he Russians Are Coming. The Russians Are Coming!

18. No Longer A Great Game

19. Remember Rezang La?

20. A Sino-Soviet Deal In 1962?

21. 1962 - In Dubious Battle

USA and UK

22. The End Of The Age

23. Tweedlebush And Tweedlegore!

24. A Wasted Trip To The USA

25. Living In The White Man’s World

26. Eyeball To Eyeball!

27. Let’s Not Misunderestimate Him!

28. The Sin Of Hubris

Nepal, Burma, Finland, UN, Israel, etc.

29. Regicide In Nepal

30. Asia’s Defining Moments!

31. Choosing Between The Lesser Of Evils In Nepal

32. Democratizing The United Nations!

33. Learning At The Finnish School!

34. India And Burma

35. Fact And Fiction In Israel

Section Two : Security Issues

36. The Death March Of Technology!

37. Economic Prospects Of An IOR Grouping?

38. Was It All Worth It?

39. The Lessons Of Global Power?

40. A Failure Of Policy

41. The House That Kao Built

42. One Is Better Than Three!

43. How To Save The Siachen From India And Pakistan?

44. Serving Our National Interest

45. The Indian National Interests And Securi

46. Exploding Myths!

47. Not A Very Intelligent Move!

48. For Fighting And Not Fun!

49. Not In The Name Of Mao

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