(An IDC Exclusive Report from London by Ranjit Rai)


London, 13 September 2001

Third Day

Eleventh September 2001, the day when Defence VIPs, admirals, generals, air marshals, vendors, scientists all congregated at DSEi in London with Defence Attaches from all over the world, enjoying the wares and the hospitality;, something very revolutionary no one expected happened. From India, Vice Admiral S Krishnan, Indian Navy’s Chief of Material and his team were also there. This day will go down in the World's history as one that changed the future course of events, in just two hours, with untold ramifications. The signs of this statement are already showing in London. The world's economy, banking, insurance and politico-economic relationships will see even greater changes. There is volatility in the air and no better place to see it than at this gathering of defence and intelligence experts.

The sad events of that day when TERRORISTS stealthily took over four United and American Airlines BOEING planes in USA, in a magnificently planned and co-ordinated operation, crashing them into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, a part of the Pentagon and Pittsburg, will change the world for many people and nations. The signs have already surfaced in London where IDC is covering the DSEi-2001. The acts carried out with barbarism can only be the handiwork HARA KIRI fanatics, and if they are Osama Bin Laden's, Al Quaida group –– as indications are coming out, assisted by others, with the belief they will unite with Allah as their duty to the Jehadi faith of Muslims, then Samuel Hunntington's ‘Clash of Civilizations’ has begun. In the bargain these dastardly people have killed some thousands of poor souls in New York and Washington, disturbed the equilibrium in the world already on the brink of recession.

USA's pride is hurt and they will retaliate. Tony Blair, PM of UK is solidly behind President BUSH and so is the NATO. Military men are pouring over Contingency Plans in most countries allied with USA and intelligence co-operation has begun. IDC condoles with the families of the dead and those injured.

On 11 Sep by 4 p.m. London time, every brown skinned man including the IDC rep were being checked more closely at DSEi and the theme of the seminars, where professionals were speaking on professional military subjects like NMD, radar signatures, defence contracts and sales, suddenly changed to discussing terrorism, intelligence failures, security at airports and how to keep western democracies intact and find out who the perpetrators were.

DSEi, is UK's leading defence exhibition with every big transnational and small British defence firm, representing the global high-tech industry. The choice of venue this year had to reflect that image –– ExCeL, a modern, high-tech exhibition centre, designed to hold such large and prestigious international events, with exhibits under cover in a beautifully planned building, which ‘Pragati Maidan needs to replicate. Top class parking facilities, first rate communications, high speed transport links to London in the Docklands area, a wide range of modern restaurant/café options, up-to-the-minute business centre and many other features, like the laptop and free internet in the media center, from where this story is being filed. The overall environment at DSEi 2001 in London is very comfortable and enjoyable despite11 Sep now two days

Seven warships from six Euoropean countries were alongside to show live workings of weapons. UK's HMS LANCASTER is the draw of the ships and DRDO scientists from ARDE and VRDE are present. The Seminars are really of high quality with speakers from firms and MOD UK and the US Department of Defence.

Some of the totally new highlights are :

  • The Trimaran demonstrator, built to conduct trials to evaluate the innovative hull form for the Royal and US Navies is berthed in the dock. With 90 meter length, 22.5 meter beam, this 1200 tonne vessel is built by Vosper Thornycroft to commercial standards with DNV and MCA approval. It was delivered to DERA/QinetiQ in August 2000 and has gone to America and back. There is scepticism whether it will become viable but it is a new concept.

  • Waterborne demonstrations in the dock adjacent to the exhibition halls are exciting and thrilling and the British Armed Forces who have invited official delegations are very well organized.

  • ROV Archerfish has been demonstrated in the dock and the Denmark Navy’s MCM ships have live demonstrations of the SAAB BOFORS ROV considered the most advanced in the world, which the Indian Navy is evaluating.

  • RTK Marine is part of waterborne demonstrations.

  • Estonian Border Guard and the Indian Coast Guard have purchased Griffon 2000TDX- MkII and 1800 hovercrafts from Griffon Hovercraft and they are on display. News is, the Navy and the BSF are also interested.

  • Latest fibre optic transmission links for remote vehicles and advances in C4 I are on display with no secrecies, you ask a question and you get an answer, simple as that.

  • Lockheed Martin providing Integrated Weapon System and is upbeat about the JSF final selection results to be announced.

  • Wartsila VASA 32 LNE as Prime Movers are on show and the Indian Navy now has collaboration.

  • Thales have all their wares on show and the details of Type 45 are available.

  • BELGIAN Pavilion is full of small arms and from Israel, RAFAEL who have sold Listening Pods and Barak SAM missile systems are at the show.

  • Ashot Ashkelon will be featuring its range of gear-based and drive train products for tanks, armoured personnel carriers and other tracked vehicles. Its close cooperation with the Israeli Defence Forces and leading Israeli defence companies gives Ashot an important edge when it comes to producing battle proven products. Defence News though has announced that the Indian DRDO will produce a hybrid Maran between the Arjun and the T72.

  • Pavilions from Finland and Australia have a fantastic look with the Capability Document on display which the Defence Secretary of India was presented during his recent visit down under. Hope India can replicate it.

  • An Australian defence supplier, WiNRADiO Communications is demonstrating its highly successful range of radio receivers. During recent trials in Australia and the USA, a unit was incinerated and another was crushed under a Unimog truck. Amazingly, both units remained in working order providing the reliability and suitability for field use.

  • Demonstrated at the show, the MS-8006, multi-channel monitoring system with each channel operating independently allowing simultaneous monitoring of six channels plus additional remote control links. This system can be controlled and the received signals can be monitored remotely.

  • Singapore’s first all terrain tracked carrier (ATTC) and all its products are on display. IDC knows Singapore and the officials say they are scared to do Defence business with India. (IDC found out they visit our website and
    have details of Tehelka. Sad, though the Defence News announced that Agents will be legal.

  • World's first assault rifle with built-in laser aiming device.

  • USA’s Pavilion is full with biggies like Raytheon and Northrop Grumman who supplied radars to BEL and AAI for the airports. Strong feelings prevail that after 11 September, sanctions upon India will be lifted and Pakistan will suffer, but then India must be practical and not gloat. It must make USA and UK understand that it is now opportune to make a solution to Kashmir along the LOC, which will also help curb terrorism.

  • Latest secure radio products, systems networks and embeddable security solutions are on display with lethal capabilities.

  • Caterpillar Defence Products display upgraded diesel engine power pack for Light Armoured Vehicle and Textorn's Landing Craft Air Cushion is at the show.

  • In the German Pavilion there are all the companies India knows like MTU and Atlas but now LURSSEN Shipyard also participates.

  • France with THALES and other companies is at the show.

  • MEKO Frigates & Corvettes designed by Blohm + Voss feature at the Show.

  • South Africa at DSEi –– The Defence Electronic Commerce Service (DECS). An opportunity to challenge and inform the way business is done

  • New Mobile Communications for the UK Allied Rapid Reaction Forces.

  • oint Strike Fighter Training & Simulation

  • A global C4I STAR capability

  • New. CNR 2000 Tactical HF/VHF

  • Dismounted Soldier System

  • METEOR highlights European industrial model of collaboration EH 101.

  • Armoured Mine Clearing Vehicles are on display.

  • Featured at DSEi are the details of the Eurofighter ‘Typhoon’ and the new range of its weapons.

  • ASTOR Battle Management System and BOWMAN communications are on display and being demonstrated along with Titan and Trojan Engineer Vehicles.

The answers to the demands of future conflicts are all here, but the events of 11th September have confused all present and there is a rethink at DSEi.


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