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New Delhi, 26 February 2002 


The DEFEXPO 2002 at New Delhi was a total success as the CII spared no effort to see that the quality of the stalls, furnishings and the get up of the show was World Class. Added with the traditional warmth of Indians the Exhibitors were generally very happy. Many of the foreigners and Indians IDC met explained that if all goes well India could be an exporter of arms and technologies in a few years with DEFEXPO 2002 as the turning point. Since CII was the lead showman the bureaucracy was limited and for the first time the secrecy generally shown at such shows in the past was shunned. It was evident that DRDO, Defence PSU’s and many other agencies have realised its time to crow about your abilities and speak out your problems so that Indian Defence moves ahead and India gets the best Buck for the Bang.

The two social functions organised by CII and the MOD were full of good spirits which flowed generously, the food was of quality and there was bonhomie all round. The Hiccups that we heard about were about the glum CII incharge in the media area who told you about events after they had happened.

Janes claimed to have lost an expensive publication and Israel were very worried about a Radar erroneously found in the DRDO's huge area. These are forgivable because IDC knows bigger snafus take place in shows elsewhere in the world. During DSEi in the UK the guests never got there in time and some went back to London and losses do take place if persons responsible are casual and leave stalls unattended.

Finally let IDC say the young Attendants at the stalls were very attractive and very well turned out. IDC complements Ordnance Factories Board for ensuring that their stalls had lovely Yellow and Blue dressed girls, ever so polite even on the public day.


Britain and USA –– GE, BELL and RAYTHEON: The Brits have suffered in the defence business with India as they have followed the coattails of the Americans, so India has been angry with Westlands and BAe but the AJT deal is still breathing. However UK brought a big team and they only serviced their traditional customers –– leading with Rolls Royce, Racal and the host of British suppliers –– as India buys enormous equipment and spares from UK. The Brits said they would hold another show.

Russians: As usual the Russians know they have Indian Defence in their pocket and any questions one asked was replied with ‘ask the Official Agency’. They displayed ship designs from Servonoye, rifles, missiles and torpedoes from Kazakistan from Kirov the builders. The Russians generally enjoyed the weather and spoke to officials only. The $80 million Krasnapol deal was announced and the big Hovercraft that the Navy may buy were on display in pictures. The T-90 deal, the Krivack deal and the coming Gorshkov and TU 22-M deals as also the SU-30 MKI deal, keep them happy. Now they are wooing the private industry like L &T to team up for Defence Business, including the Amur submarine deal.


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