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New Delhi, 29 November 2006  

Mr B R Lall a senior CBI official who had dealt with the JAIN HAWALA DIARY case has written a kiss and tell book and if the facts are true –– that CBI is totally controlled by the Government in power –– then Indian democracy must correct it.

We do not know how far his facts are true but he has quoted that two former PMs took money, may be for political purposes, and all the conduits are named in the book. If the facts are not true the CBI must refute them because recently it had filed FIRs against a former RM George Fernandes, Jaya Jaitly and a former CNS.

We hope these were not politically motivated.

Dr. JM Lyngdoh, IAS (Retd.) & Mr. BR Lall, IPS (Retd.)
Former Chief Election Commissioner & Former Joint Director-CBI resp.

will address to the


on Thursday, 30th November, 3:00pm

at India International Centre (Annexe), Lodhi Estate, ND-3

Dr. JM Lyngdoh will also release a first ever book

Who Owns CBI: The Naked Truth

By Mr. BR Lall, IPS (Retd.)

A Few Questions from the book (many others are inside the book)

1. Why did Mrs. Sonia Gandhi send a fax message to P. Chidambaram in the V. Krishnamurty case?

2. Who disclosed that Rajiv Gandhi was paid Rs. 10.5 crores through Capt. Satish Sharma, with an instruction to show it  in the name of Lalit Suri? Was Sharad Yadav also a beneficiary in the Jain Hawala Case?

3. Did LK Advani take any money from Jains? Under which Prime Minister’s direction, did the CBI Director ask the author to include his name in the charge sheet?

4. Under which Prime Minister’s direction, the CBI Director favoured Lalu Prasad Yadav in the Fodder Scam despite opposition by UN Biswas? Why is there a Jungle Raj in CBI?

5. How much hawala money was kept at the residence of the then Prime Minister and by whom?

6. How come the author has accused all namely the two Directors of CBI, the then government, the then Prime Minister, some Cabinet Ministers, the then Solicitor General and is not kind to the Judiciary either?

7. Who was that Union Minister, whose assets were verified by the author, running into crores of rupees, but the CBI Director did not allow the author to investigate?

8. What were the relations between Quattrochi and 10 Janpath?

9. Was Ajit Jogi induldging in scams? What did CBI do about it?

10. How is the ‘Jain Hawala Case’ relevant today even after a decade? Should it be re-opened now as many new scams have come up?

11. How did Vijay Rama Rao & Joginder Singh, the then CBI directors, betray the nation?

12. Why a midnight court was set up at the residence of the former Chief Justice of India? Why V. Krishnamurthy was de-boarded from the plane? Was he was trying to run away from the country?

13. Who re-inforced the ‘Single Directive’ to paralyse the CBI? Rajiv Gandhi or BJP?

14. If there was evidence, why the CBI does not re-open this case now and investigate? What else could have been done in the ‘Jain Hawala case’?

15. The author has hinted that Assam LOC case was a big scandal, but CBI remained satisfied with the same 12 cases that Assam vigilance was investigating. What hindered CBI not to investigate it in full?

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