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New Delhi, 11 February 2005

The HAL at its stand at AERO INDIA 2005 ュュ末 a world class show 末 displayed the armed version of the ALH for the Indian Army, which is to have MBDA's ATAM system for their MISTRAL Air to Air missile in a quad pod, which experts reckon can easily be fitted, along with a 20mm GIAT gun and Belgium supplied FZ rocket launchers, making the helo a potent weapon especially if the NAG anti tank missile succeeds soon.

It therefore likely that the Light Combat Helicopter proposal sponsored by the IAF may face rough weather in its weapon fit, if the Army is not taken on board, now that it has issued its new Doctrine and attack helicopters form a major feature in the ORBAT of the Army Vision 2020. The Combat Light Helicopter mock up displayed year at Aero India 2003 was conspicuously absent. These are interesting developments 末 the Army is in the final stages of carrying out trials of the BELL 407 and EUROCOPTER AS 350 for utility and altitude operations, and deserves integrated combat helicopter support. The ARMY Aviation Corps have an impressive stall at the show with professionals at hand.

MBDA Offers Mica At Aero India. Rafael Offers Python

By Cmde Ranjit B Rai (Retd)

India is now being wooed by offers of the latest technology from Israel and France simultaneously, whilst Russia has always been a supportive supplier. MBDA the European MBDA Consortium present at the show made offers for the MICA, but it can be wooed to integrate the 80+ nautical miles ranged Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) with Indian Air Force (IAF) if the Grippen is selected and then for the Sukhoi-30MKI fighters and therefore requires serious consideration. The present Russian BVRAAMs like R-27 (AA-10 Alamo) and RVV-AE (AA-12 Adder) in service with the IAF Sukhoi-30s and MiG-29s also serve the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and thus their performance spectrum could be compromised to a potential adversary, which is bound to blunt the effectiveness of these otherwise excellent AAMs to some degree.

Moreover as Meteor is slated to enter operational service sometime around 2010 and as MBDA has hinted on a technology transfer arrangement, the Meteor project can have a positive impact on the indigenous light (150kg-80km range) Active-Radar Homing (ARH) Astra BVRAAM project guided and led by the Hyderabad-based Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL). The model and details are displayed at the show. DRDO is now learning to reverse engineer and collaborate more freely and has succeeded in the Nishant UAV, CAT, Vision 2000 and WLR radars, with export potential.

The Israeli stalls displayed the Rafael BVR Python 4 and 5 missiles along with another more modern one, which has IAF interest. The Navy is to get the Derby BVRs so the professional BVR scene is becoming competitive as the LCA weapons fit seems decided by the IAF. It is set to sign a contract for 20 plus 20 worth Rs. 4000 crores very soon. The soft spoken and distinguished fighter pilot Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal S P Tyagi indicated this during his press conference.

For more details of the METEOR BVRAAM and other missiles please see our article 羨ERO INDIA 2005 末 BVRAAMs FOR IAF, posted yesterday.

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