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07 August 2007


So the nuclear deal is in the bag. On the face of it both sides stand to gain. India gets nuclear fuel to generate much needed electricity and USA gets a ready market. A win-win all round.

So why is every one crying hoarse that we have been short changed?

Did we go in for the nuclear deal to make more bombs? So why are the scientists saying that our independence to do that has been compromised?

The BJP says we started it and now you are taking the credit, so we must raise all the ridiculous objections!

The Left says we dont deal with the US so it must be wrong.

The media is all agog see how much capital we can make out of it!

The fact is that the USA despite its very strict laws has gone out of its way to help us clinch the deal, although we are not party to the NPT. And we dont often toe the US line. Perhaps they see in us a future ally not only on economic but security front as well. But lets not be nave. The US in the long run stands to gain much more than India a strong ally in the South East Asia region and a strategic toehold in a huge market whose economy is booming.

The only flaw in the ointment I can see is whether we indulged in any kind of quid pro quo in the secret negotiations like say we will buy x number of F-16s and F-18s. That may be very retrograde.

The other matters of concern may be whether members of the NSG would be ready to do business with India. Already Australia and Germany have indicated willingness.

The reactions of Pakistan and China have not been forthcoming and may also cause some concern, but lets wait and see.

Last but not least the reactions of US Congress are yet not very clear. Will they scuttle the deal? We hope not.

We give below the full text of the agreement and the analysis of the nuclear deal by a chosen few analysts whose views usually count and leave you to judge for yourself whether we have a good deal or not. Happy reading!

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